People on CLGdotTV speak Human

Busy, experienced people at the top of their game almost always accept invitations to appear on CLGdotTV, and its almost certainly because they don’t have to prepare slides but they do get time to say more than a headline.

We started CLGdotTV last year because the tech required to make and share quality webTV programmes and podcasts had become cheap and fast enough to provide a platform for people and organisations that have never been given the airtime they deserve in traditional broadcast media, particularly TV and radio.

The growing appetite for people – mature professionals and not just millennials – to consume content as video and podcasts (‘please don’t give me anything more to read…’) is fuelling the popularity of serious, long-form programmes (ie more than the three minutes once advised) on work-related topics.

People love to talk about what they do, and far from being ‘boring’ a lot of what goes on in local public services is absolutely riveting. Literally, all human life is there. Last week, we recorded a programme as part of our counter-fraud series with Cifas, in which we heard how a trusted member of staff committed a £2.1m fraud against Barnet Council and blew it all on his gambling habit.

It was a story that had the studio audience hanging on every word from Clair Green, Barnet’s Director of Assurance, as she told us what happened from when the first flag was raised in December 2017, through the investigation, prosecution and conviction, to the present day, as the Council completes measures to ensure this won’t happen again.

The conversational style of our programmes, usually involving a well-informed host and a couple of guests, means that people tend to speak Human – like they would in the pub – and not Powerpoint or Corporate Video or Webinar, which even the best communicators can lapse into when the occasion (or script) seems to require it.

This is turn means that when programmes are viewed, and they are viewed widely, thanks to the distribution opportunities available via social media, some really great networking takes place, as people feel confident to make contact, again using social media, with people with whom they can see they share a common agenda.

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